We are excited to announce that Shinkame brewery’s Hanafubuki Junmai is now available at Kitsilano Wine Cellar (2239 West 4th Avenue)!

fish tacos and sake
Try with fish tacos!
(Photo from Canadian Association of PureSake Promoters)

Hanafubuki Junmai
Maturing : Over 2 years at room temperature
Rice : HanaFubuki (Aomori) 45% polished off
Alcohol by Volume 15%
Suggested Serving Temp: Cold or Hot/55℃

Your first sip of this sake could be described as viewing light snowfall melting on the ground in late autumn. Initially smooth and with a hint of sweetness, a strong core flavour will be revealed, transitioning into a mellow aftertaste. Sushi, steak, boiled tofu or other simple accompaniments are recommended.