We only offer junmaishu, or pure sake, sake made of rice, yeast and water only.

hikomago - daiginjoHikomago Junmai Dai Ginjo
Maturing : Over 4 years at a chill temperature
Rice : Yamadanishiki (Tokushima) 60% polished off
Alcohol by Volume 16%
Suggested Serving Temp. : Room – Hot/50℃

The taste of this sake is noble, silky and clear. From the first sip you will notice an aromatic hint of mellow apple. Its touch is soft and its juicy flavor, akin to that of Muscat, will spread to the whole of your mouth. It will then disappear like fog, leaving a slightly bitter, but crisp sour, aftertaste.
hikomagoHikomago Junmai
Maturing: Over 3 years at room temperature
Rice: Yamadanihsiki (Tokushima) 45% Polished off
Alcohol by Volume 15%
Suggested Serving Temp: Hot 50℃-60℃

A dry rich sake with plenty of body, its every element has been composed with perfect balance. It makes a wonderful accompaniment to Japanese cuisine, as well as a variety of cuisine from around the globe. Indulge yourself in Hikomago at 60℃ and you will appreciate it more and more with each sip you take.
hanafubukiHanafubuki Junmai
Maturing : Over 2 years at room temperature
Rice : HanaFubuki (Aomori) 45% polished off
Alcohol by Volume 15%
Suggested Serving Temp: Cold or Hot/55℃

Your first sip of this sake could be described as viewing light snowfall melting on the ground in late autumn. Initially smooth and with a hint of sweetness, a strong core flavour will be revealed, transitioning into a mellow aftertaste. Sushi, steak, boiled tofu or other simple accompaniments are recommended.