As part of Sake Association of BC’s (SABC) activity, PureSake 4U and The Canadian Association of Pure Sake Promoters participated in Consulate General of Japan’s Emperor’s Birthday Reception at Coast Coal Harbour Hotel.


puresake 4u table and ceo
Our tasting table and PureSake 4U CEO, Chigusa Poppell.

puresake 4u table

puresake 4u table

There were 9 sake distributors: PureSake 4U, Axis Planning, Artisan Sake Maker, That’s Life Gourmet, Select Wines, Blue Note Wine & Sprits, YK3 Sake Producers, D Way Beverage, Jizake Japan.

What a people!

christy clark

christy clark
BC Premier Christy Clark made a speech and shared her experience in visiting Japan. She mentioned that she learned “ichigo ichie,” Japan’s one of cultural concept, treasure every encounter, for it will never occur.

People were getting ready for kanpai (toast)!

sake association of bc

sake association of bc
Consul General Mr. Okada and Ms. Okada, Mr. Tojo from Tojo’s restaurant and directors of SABC. Consul General is SABC’s honorary member.

ms. okada & CEO
Ms. Okada visited our table and tasted our sake.